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A trusted partner in your electrified Future

Purchase Protection Program
See 5 Components Below

Full Deposit Refund - Your initial deposit is 100% fully refundable up to 20 days after the initial order.

Full Purchase Price Refund - Your initial deposit + your subsequent balance payment are 100% fully refundable up to 20 days after initial order.

6 Week Credit Exchange - Upon delivery of your vehicle, your have full rights to a 6 week credit-funded exchange offer for any reason. Your exchanged vehicle purchase price will be automatically credited toward your chosen alternative.

6 Week Buy Back Offer - Isidore Electric is pleased to offer a 6 Week Buy-Back program to all customers (following initial delivery), whereby Isidore Electric will purchase the delivered vehicle back from you should you so choose, less initial deposit. The 6 week Buy-Back details are as as follows: 

1. By end of week 1/ 95% of base model price

2. By end of week 2/ 90% of base model price

3. By end of week 3/ 85% of base model price

4. By end of week 4/ 80% of base model price

5. By end of week 5/ 75% of base model price

6. By end of week 6/ 70% of base model price

12 Month Parts-Replacement Warranty - All eligible vehicles from Isidore Electric include a 12 month replacement warranty on all essential components. See the list of essential e-bike components below:

Batteries, Hub Motor, Electronic Speed Control & Hydraulic braking System (brake levers, lines, calipers)

Ordering & Fulfilment Process

Day 1 - Choose & Configure Your Isidore Electric vehicle

Week 1 end - Finalize & Confirm Vehicle Options

Week 2 end - Receive a picture of your vehicle frame in factory

Week 3 end - Receive a picture of your painted and assembled vehicle frame with options selected

Week 4 end - Receive confirmation of build completion and transport-to-port details

Week 5 to 11 - Shipping in Progress 

Week 12 - Final Assembly, Testing, Quality Control, & Delivery Date Confirmation

Week 12 end + - Curbside Delivery to Customer


Where are Isidore Electric vehicles made? - East Asia has been a leader in electric vehicle production and lithium refining for the last 2 decades. Isidore Electric partners with suppliers in the region to source and customize sustainable, affordable and practical electric solutions for our Canadian customers.

What future vehicles does Isidore Electric plan to bring to the Canadian Marketplace? - Isidore Electric is currently in consultation with the Ontario authorities to obtain authorization to bring to market the ARENA low speed vehicle. The ARENA is a small, fully electric, 4 seater low speed vehicle (40 km/hr top speed) meant to offer Canadians an alternative to gas powered vehicles in urban and suburban settings. Learn more about Ottawa's involvement in the Canada-wide introduction to low-speed-vehicles here.

Can I really travel  150 kilometers on one charge?  YES : The Caledonia R and RT e-bikes from Isidore Electric allow Canadians (who are approximately 150 lbs) to enjoy throttle only commuting for 150 kilometers when on mostly flat terrain.

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